Wednesday, April 22, 2015

[Masters of the Masks] UPDATE 0.01 is on the way!

Update 0.01 Notes:
  • Mask Fusion on tutorial is no longer stuck who has wrong mask.
  • Elemental Chart which shows the elemental advantage is added on battle loading screen.
  • Mask Recipe icons on "Create Mask" now reflects the unit race.
  • Player level indicator on campfire now synchronised with the end battle.
  • Player level up now fullfills the action points.
  • 24 Hours later, friends can be selected again to go in battle with.
  • Mask level indicators are now visible in the battle.
  • Intel Atom Android devices are now supported.
  • Improved stability, minor bug and crush fixes.
  • Star system at end of the battle is now functional.
  • Maps now has New and Cleared indicators on the map.

Masks with level indicators


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