In the realm of Ivren, the gods help the peoples of the land with sacred Masks. A band of chosen, masked warriors now embarks on a harrowing quest to rid Ivren of a mysterious evil rising in the east.
Explore the world of Ivren and uncover recipes to create divine masks imbued with powerful skills in this strategic RPG. Fuse these masks to further augment your abilities, and turn the tides of every battle to our heroes’ favor!
- Epic turn based battles that use an intuitive drag and drop interface
- Cell-shaded art style new and unique in mobile RPG gaming
- Deep skill system that is easy to pick up, yet challenging to master
- A colorful cast and a high fantasy world with a deep, layered mythology
Masters of the Masks requires a working internet connection to play.
PLEASE NOTE: Masters of the Masks is completely free to download and play. However, there are some game items that can also be purchased for real money. If you don’t want to use this feature, please disable in-app purchases in your device’s settings.
Under our Terms of Service and Privacy Policy, you must be at least 13 years of age to play or download Masters of the Masks.

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    Axes & Allies is a line-drawing RPG with simple yet intuitive controls that puts you in command of your own band of Orcs, each with their own unique powers and abilities, to lead the fight against the army of the undead to save their Warchief.

    - The Story - 
    "Legends told of a dragon and his vast hoard of gold. 
    An ambitious Orc Warchief desired this gold for himself and brought his clan to claim it. 

    The Dragon called upon the souls of those who came for the gold before to now protect it.

    The Warchief fought fiercely and fearlessly against the waves of the undead guardians, yet was soon overwhelmed. 

    Only three Orcs survived the first battle. They must track the dragon and save their Warchief before all is lost! 

    That is where you come in

    Lead your Orcs on a long journey and upgrade their skills along the way with:

    The Berserker, an axe-wielding brute with little concern for personal safety or personal hygiene. The Berserker is designed as the groups Tank with abilities to improve his defense and pull Aggro 

    The Bowmaster, renowned throughout the clan for his silent but deadly aim with the bow in battle and lack of aim at the latrine. His abilities focus on crowd control and ranged damage.

    The Shaman, a fanatic of mystery and madness. This particular one has dedicated his path to healing and to study the effects of mushrooms, mainly for recreational purposes. His powers all revolve around healing and improving the abilities of his allies. 


    Command 3 Unique Orc Heroes 
    Level Up you heroes to unlock new powers
    Use Your Hard Earned Loot to purchase upgrades
    Full GameCenter Integration with Leaderboards and Achievements

Official Trailer for 'Axes & Allies'

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Purple Cape is a platformer with a totally unique gameplay. An evil witch kidnapped Purple Cape’s love to make into a deadly beauty potion!  Save her from the evil witch. The forest lands are cursed and they are the only way to find the witch’s castle. It’s a long journey, be careful, time is running out! Help Purple Cape save his love!

  You Swipe to JUMP
✔ You Tap to ATTACK
✔ You can STICK anywhere
★★★★(4/5) AppSpy : "Purple Cape manages to execute its concept in a way that remains familiar to genre
fans, while feeling entirely unique."

★★★★★ "Don't even hesitate to download it for a second. It's really an adventure. I was so bored from many

kinds of games, but this one has it's own world. I also liked the puzzles to go further. Purple Cape made my day…
★★★★★ "This game is different than other platformers. Controls are bait tricky but you get used to it. Also there are plenty of levels which are not very easy. So that means hours of fun for a fraction of a coffee cost :) Highly recommended!"

✔ 43 different levels
✔ Game Center Achievements and Leaderboard
✔ 7 Power-ups
✔ 6 Power Costumes
✔ Boss fights
✔ Physics based gameplay,
✔ Swipe and touch controls

 "Purple Cape" gameplay review video of AppSpy

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You smash Genetically Modified Organisms with healthy BIOs. It's a new generation addictive physic game, You toss, you cut, you use ninja stars and etc. actually you will love when you wipe out the ugly GMOs and save the beautiful mother earth from this nasty modified creatures !

★★★★ iViewApps.com : "..once you get to higher levels, you really see the creativity put into this game!" 
★★★★ MyiPadApps.com : "We really enjoyed the gameplay and found the graphics and the art work to be high quality along with the pleasant background game music."
★★★★ iBlast Moki : "I LOVE A CHALLENGE!!! If ur like me, ull LOVE this game"
★★★★ T.Dog : "Very good game, seems there are so many games now where you catapult things into the air to knock stuff over, but this one stands out from the crowd. Very creative. Highly recommended!"

* Game supports brilliant RETINA DISPLAY of iPhone 4.
* 3 packages about 150 amazing well designed levels. More packages are coming by your ratings. 16 levels are free for warm up.
* You have variety of BIO weapons like tomatoe, pepper, eggplant etc, each has its own unique ability to toss GMOs.
* Game system supports joint systems, motors and water buoyancy so levels are more challenging than ever !!!

 "GMO Busters" gameplay video on iPhone

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Creatures Mania is an action game. Players will experience how fast they can touch to the screen at the desired location to wipe-out the ugly looking outside world creatures. The more you play fast, the more you will gain points.
There are five places that creatures are dominating; undergrounds, jungles, oceans, swamps and deserts. Each place has its own creatures. Some creatures are weak some are speedy; some are have ability to attack and etc. To save the world from these alien-like creatures, players have to finish 50 different levels. Each level is more challenging then the previous one. Also there are about +10 power ups that will be very helpful to complete the level.

Video trailer and gameplay of "Creatures Mania"

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