Lastmoon Games is a game development team dedicated themselves to mid-core RPG Genres. They came from a fantasy world to build new games. They love developing and playing them, usually spending time on new game designs and focus on the core business, the GAME!


Orc Chieftain

Levent Ahmet Sevgili 
He is the Chieftain of the horde. He is responsible
for the team. Highly dedicated to game design and game mechanics and also he is at the core code side of the development process.

Orc Warrior

 Alper Acar
He is the Warrior of the horde. He is responsible for development and design of the RPG worlds. Scripter, coder, gamer, engineered to make games.

Elf Sorcerer

 Oğuz Özbatır
He is the statistics guy. He knows how to build worlds with magic and numbers! Responsible for all parameters and also managing the test team.

Human Warrior

Bilgin Terzi
He is one of the brute tank of the party. Server side programmer and core game developer. Never sleeps because never needs it.  Dedicated human machine.

Undead Scum

Burak Çambel
He is the Composer. One of the coolest guy living in the Dead Kingdom.(well???) He is creating his art as Environmental Music and all kind of magical sounds effectsDeveloping new things in his own studio. Long live the dead!

................. So where is the rest?
We are looking for a talented heroes in our party to fight with us!
Get to the Contact section and attach your e-mail with your CV, Resume whatever you call, we sure will response :)